New times! New schedule! Building a comp team. MMA right here in Eastman Georgia. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for adults and kids, kick boxing, and wrestling. Looking fwd to seeing everyone on these mats Learning!


10 months ago
Everyone in there is so passionate about the sport and about your improvement. If you have kids, this is definitely the place to be to improve their behavior, confidence, or just to get them active. Jimmy Barnett’s love for coaching is proven in every single class. I love this place and the family that comes along with it!
- Taylor W
9 months ago
The TECT Center is one of the best things that’s happened to my life. It’s like one huge family. All the coaches are so compassionate and understanding.
- Zack C
10 months ago
There I was traveling thru GA and I see the lights on at TECT! I walk in to ask about some open mat time, and there stand Jimmy Barnett! A nicer guy you will not find. Everyone treated me like I have been training here forever! If you live in this area get your family in to see what first class martial art training is all about!
- Ron G

The Elite Combat Training Center

     Our School is located right here in the small town of Eastman Georgia  From the moment you enter the facility, you will feel like family.  Jimmy Barnett is a highly skilled instructor, with A back ground in multiple arts, such as Taekwondo (ATA & UTA), American Kick boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. His main focus now is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Kick Boxing, and Wrestling
Jimmys lineage in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) is as follows; Renzo Gracie, Matt Serra, Frank Mullis, Jimmy Barnett. 
               Our Kids BJJ Program is called Bully Proof, We not only focus on BJJ with our kids. We also focus on manners respect for others and discipline. Our kids will learn respect, while acquiring a skill set and a mindset they will carry with them for a lifetime.  
     Our Adult BJJ Program is focused not only on self defense, but in mobility and movements this course is definitely for any and everyone. You will move at your own pace while gaining an understanding of the art. Move through belts and skill levels at your speed. Our program and belt system is based off of your ability to do the moves in live grappling and your knowledge of the grappling system. 
    Our Beginners  Striking Program is focused on learning proper stance, proper technique, when throwing basic strikes likeJabs, Straights, Hooks, Low kicks,  and High Kicks. As you progress to the Advanced Striking Program you will learn how to chain strikes together set up strikes with other strikes.  
     Our Wrestling Program works with the middle school and high school wrestling team.  We give the kids a chance to practice yr round and hone their skills in the off season. We focus on basic grappling skills, basic wrestling to advanced wrestling.  
    Our MMA Program only accepts people who have earned their spots on our team.  You earn your spot by being consistent and showing up to regular classes. We're interested in building complete Mixed Martial Artist, to represent our school and team.  Not just fighters. We focus on skill,  cardio, and mindset.  Building positive muscle memory so your body responds with out much thought. 
      Our gym is located at:
5110 2nd Avenue
Eastman Georgia  31023

"We're looking forward to hearing from you!  
Come see what all the hype is about!

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